Saturday, February 13, 2010

Winter's Grip

We all have the flu. Romneya got it first, then Tristan and Kassiopeia. That night, Karl and I started feeling it, and yesterday was spent lying very very still in bed all day. Anatoly is the only one of us who has not been ill, yet. February is the month for this sort of thing.

It is cold here. When it is not cold it is so muddy that you can't walk around anywhere. I am grateful for the snow this year but it has not had any chance to dry between freezing blasts. And I want spring.

After looking at the moon phases, we will probably start our tomato and pepper seeds before the 27th of this month. We need to get the greenhouse ready and gather the last ingredients for our soil blocking mix.  This illness has lost us over a week. Amazing how fast everything goes.
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