Sunday, March 28, 2010

Boys' Button Fly Trousers, take 2

Yesterday I made a second pair of trousers, this time in size 8 for Tristan. A perfect fit, and he loves them. They are made of blue cotton duck, which confirmed my suspicion that wide wale cord was not a good choice for a beginner. The duck was much more cooperative. I finished the inside seams just with my overlock, and pinking shears in some places where the overlock could not reach. I am happy with the results. Again, this is the Period Impressions pattern. It has several obvious errors in the instructions so if you purchase it, step lively.

A back view. Toly is still in love with his trousers, too, as you can see.

Here Tristan is trying out his pockets.

And here he has decided to look for kittens under the house. Could not resist this shot of classic kid-in-new-clothes wallowing in dirt. Well, this is what I made the trousers for. Tristan requested that I 'make all his pants this way!' because they fit him so well. In all honesty, none of his current pants fit him well. Most are too long, some are too loose, others too tight. Now that I have a perfect fit I hope to sit down  and mass produce these one day. By mass produce I just mean 3 or 4 pairs at once, which would be much faster. Same goes for Toly, I hope to make 3 or 4 more pairs for him and replace his pants. They also wear shorts, and I have a good shorts pattern. It's an excellent way to use 1/2 yards of scrap material. Also, the pattern for the trousers makes knickers.

First thing this morning both boys dressed themselves in shirts and trousers. It is so nice to have something to make for the boys. I have always made Kassi's dresses, but never made much the boys could treasure. Exciting!
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