Monday, March 15, 2010

California Pants

I got my new pattern in the mail today, Laughing Moon's California Pants. This is a trousers pattern for Karl. It should help me make more trousers like the ones we bought and he loves.

I have all the fabric my heart could desire, and even the metal rivet buttons. I don't yet have the back buckles. Even if I did I am lacking one giant ingredient: The freedom to lay out this new pattern in all its tissue-paper glory and copy the pieces I need onto pattern fabric. That day will come. Soon, I hope. I am excited to get started.

I was considering taking my Kwik Sew child's pants pattern and modifying it to have a button fly and split suspender waistband, for the boys. Now that I have glanced through the trousers pattern I am thinking it would be easier to buy a boy's fly-pant pattern. The fly of trousers is, apparently, a big deal.

Our anniversary is March 20th. (We have two dates we celebrate, March 20th and November 6th) For my present I received the most curious package. In it were two items. Can you guess what they mean?
Le Creuset 12-Ounce Enameled Cast-Iron CleanerLe Creuset Stainless Steel Replacement Knob

It arrives tomorrow.

I don't know what to get for Karl. I could never hope to equal his generosity. I will have to make him something to commemorate our time together.

It will be just like that, yeah.
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