Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Hats for Sun

I went without a sun hat last year. I do not know why, but I worked around the lack of a hat. Basically, I refrained from working outside after early morning and before evening. That isn't hard to do really, since any time in between is virtually unbearable in Missouri's summer. Still, you do have to go outside sometime, so this year I bought sun hats. I bought myself two and Karl chose one.

On the left is Karl's new hat. It is a roll-up genuine panama hat with a wide brim. I hope he likes the fit of it. The year before last I bought him a panama hat but it never fit just right, and the brim was too small to be really useful.

On the right is one of my new hats. This is a hemp hat made by the San Diego Hat Co. I always admired these when we lived in California. This should be very utilitarian. I bought two hats, though, because there has to be one that is not just useful, but fun.

Here is the fun one. It is a bonnet style hat and beyond being darling, it will be very useful for me. I often have the baby on my back and can't wear a large brimmed hat with him back there. This hat has a velcro adjustment in the back and no back brim, so Rome can ride back there without being brushed by a rough hat brim. I also think it will be fun to wear with all my dresses.

All three of these hats were purchases from Berkeley Hat online. This store used to be local to us, a fun storefront to browse as we walked down Telegraph. I am happy to patronize them once again!
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