Friday, March 19, 2010

I am not a very skilled seamstress, and other things

Reading the California Pants pattern is great, until about 2 lines in, where my eyes glaze over and I begin to cry. I am hoping that having the pieces cut and in hand will cast some light on the mirky subject.

I have this persistent trait which is now manifesting as a desire to do something else, anything else, but cut the pants pattern. Today I printed out my ePattern copy of the Regency Underthings. I need slips. Safe, easy, slips. While I am at it I need to try those short stays. Because, you know, they will be so much easier than trousers. 

Yesterday we planted onions. It felt good to get down in the dirt again. It smells like spring. Today we plant potatoes and possibly beets, and the 2 pear trees Karl bought. 

I have bread going for buns, our own hamburger on the grill tonight. 

I have not forgotten photos. It is really hard to take a moment and have Karl take a picture! For now, I have some terrible (I warned you) mirror-pictures of the second dress. These weren't good enough to share, but since I am tragically late with good pics they will have to do for now.

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