Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I guess this is what they call Spring Cleaning

I spent the entirety of yesterday (when not mothering 4, keeping house, and cooking...) cleaning my laundry room and fabric stores. It feels so good this morning to wake up and look at my work. I feel much more capable with all that sorted. My laundry room is The Room For Things, since it has a lock. Everything goes that way, and overhauling it is at least a quarterly event.

The laundry room is also our 'larder'. It has about 15 bulk buckets with airtight lids. They contain wheat berries, popcorn, chickpeas, black beans, durum flour and rice. Our lifestyle requires a lot of tools, too, so they are kept there. Not shop tools, kitchen tools. The grain mill is there, the Ashland canner, pressure canners, cheese press, mandoline, dehydrator... so much stuff. Almost all the canning is out there as well. I noticed while I cleaned that we have a lot of canned tomatoes for this time of year. Thankfully I am the proud owner of the finest pan ever made by man, which will transform my tomatoes into rich sauce among other things.

Le Creuset Enameled Cast-Iron 9-Quart Round French Oven, FlameI don't mean to brag, I am just so thrilled. When I woke up this morning and peeked over at the stove and it was still there..!

It's no secret that I am madly in love with my husband. I don't feel a puritan need to keep it quiet that he is the most handsome, strong, loving person I have ever known and he has forever changed me into a better woman. I have even had friends ask me what our secret is and truth be told, it is nothing of our doing. My only advice to that young lady I was, before Karl, is find the only one for you and hold on! Karl and I were meant for each other. The entire story I have never told, but it was not accident, the way we never met until just the day we should have.

We have not always had bliss. Having 4 children in 7 years with a giant lifestyle change/ cross country move sandwiched between was downright hard. I am so content and happy though, I feel good- I am in love and have 4 great little humans under my care, a home, a farm. I never guessed I would be here at 29. I never thought that the best could be yet to come.

Back to earth. I also rearranged my fabric situation. I tidied the terrible mess in the garage from the winter of Grab Whatever You Please. And I switched out what I had out here with what I need to have out here, for the projects I am beginning. It is still messy, but it is the right stuff out here at least.

Twill, canvas, and duck for trousers
Many a dress cut for Kassi, for me, and for some Gleeson girls
Every piece of green fabric I own, for Anatoly who says green likes him.
A bit of linen and muslin, for the short stays I am making myself
A bolt of Pakistan cotton which will become several chemises for me

Regency Underthings PatternGirl's Romantic Era Dress PatternA Girls' Pinafore and Pantaloon Pattern

Today we are all healthy. I am going to use my energy to look through the trousers pattern and/or cut another dress for myself and/or copy my favorite apron and/or make Kassi a pinafore. And delicious Italian for dinner with my new pan, and my sourdough...
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