Thursday, March 04, 2010

Lots of Catching Up To Do

I said I would post pictures of the dresses and I didn't, we have been so busy. I will! It is harder than you think to get pictures of ankle-length dresses. And all the pictures of Kassi's dress are a blur. Coming soon!

SO much has gone on. I need one of those word clouds to say it all.

We had so much fun with the Gleesons- yes, we left our home and spent a few days in Oklahoma City. It was a good time of year for it and Karl was able to help them out building a little on their new house. Our kids played together wonderfully while Phoebe and I were able to chat in person for the first time after knowing each other for over 7 years. 

We are glad to be home, though. We all got a little cold (like you do when you go places) and we have so much to do for spring. I have spent the majority of my time, since returning home, on the internet buying things. 

I bought misters and valves for the greenhouse
Fogg It Nozzles - Superfine VolumeDramm 12353 Heavy-Duty Brass Shut-Off Valve
I bought a pattern for Karl's trousers and rivet buttons for them, too
Mid to Late 19th Century -1850 - 1900 California Pants Pattern
I bought our onion order, because I kept forgetting

And there was this amazing sale on swiss dot (and eyelet, but I missed out) and I bought enough for 2 dresses each for me and Kassi. The colors I chose were

The red is for both of us, the ginger for me, and the lavender is for Kassi's birthday dress. 
I bid on and won a pre-loved Bitty Baby for her present, and I hope to make it a matching lavender dress. Around tax time we try to think of each kid's birthday and prepare, because money is scarce around here. We like to buy one thing, and make other things. Except books, we always buy those and they don't count as the one thing. 

By the way, the dress pattern I use for myself takes about 6 yards, and it is an out-of-print Butterick costume pattern with a modified sleeve. I really like how comfortable it is (princess seams) and the big generous ruffle at the bottom is very fun. It buttons to the waist for nursing, too. Kassi's dresses take about 3 yards and are the Girl's Romantic Era Dress Pattern.

I have not yet, but I intend to buy sheet pans and a little scoop so I can make cookies like Phoebe! Her cookies are scrumdiddlyumptious. 

We are starting our seedlings today. It is later than usual, and the moon is not on our side, but what can you do? 
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