Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Milking Cow

It's funny, you might have read here the whole time without knowing we have a Jersey milk cow. We are not milking now, so it is hardly a part of our lives.

Jocelyn is a baby, really. She is due with her first calf in early September. See:

 Pregnancy Ticker

Here is a picture from the day she was born, September 2008. We have been milking since our first spring here, different cows have come and gone. We took a purposeful break when Jocelyn was young, and sold our two cows. We kept Jocelyn as a promise of milk to come. The promise should be good in 5 months. I am very ready!

She is a daughter of Iatola, an AI bull. I am always interested to see pictures of his many other daughters on the internet. Sometimes you can see a resemblance.

Here you can see her udder is starting to develop.

We are training her to lead. I took these pictures while I walked her around the yard.
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