Saturday, March 06, 2010


A friend of mine gave me a starter for sourdough. The day I received it we enjoyed a delicious meal at her home that included her perfectly scrumptious sourdough bread. She knew I was excited to learn about it so she had several stages of it going to show me. I watched her do a lot of it, and watched her pull two beautiful loaves out of the oven to cool. Perfect! I had never seen anything so good.

Since we moved here 5 years ago I have tried my hand at keeping a sourdough starter at least 5 times. Each time I have built it up from a baby starter only to be very sad when it began to smell and taste like feet and my kids cringed when I said the word bread.

Since then I have become pretty good (if I may be so bold) at baking breads with quick yeast, and we are happy with them. Sourdough, which is more nutritious and in our opinion tastier was always out there, taunting me. Not anymore!

My baby starter had to wait while we were out of town but since our return I have fed it daily, and as soon as I have a good quantity I will embark upon my new task! I can be confident now, because I have not had the chance to fail yet.
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