Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I feel busy but unfocused. It is a strange time of year where we could begin so many things. Here are some pictures of things I have been up to.

The daily stovetop. My beautiful pan, two sourdough loaves rising over a cooling pot of boiled eggs. There's my iron that I use for sewing, our coffee pots, a tea pot and grapeseed oil. My very useful Kitchen Aid is the red machine on the right. We have a lot of knives.

Don't give the baby yogurt while you're trying to work at the table.

My starter has its own crock now.

The fabric I am using for the bathroom curtain.

A trio of prints I found for dresses. They are really lovely.

Here is one up close. This one Kassi loved, too, so I have enough for us both.

Also this pale blue cotton for me. You can see another of the flowered prints better here.

We found this lovely wool coat for Kassi at a thrift store. It is a little too big, so that it almost sweeps the floor. It's perfect!

It is so Spring that I am wearing these.

Pardon the webcam picture, but this is the new apron I made. I took a pattern from an old, old apron I had that disintegrated last year. Under the apron I am wearing a little white blouse I found at that same thrift store. I love it.
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