Friday, April 16, 2010

Fully Spring

"I've never seen my life in such a hurry
but if I start to worry
I get left behind."

Every spring surprises me, like I think it will never actually happen. Well, it has. So.

Everything is budding and leafing and blooming. Even the tender mimosas have decided to join the fray, a good sign for the pole beans we planted yesterday.

I spent a morning weeding the strawberries and then watering them with compost tea. They are beginning their full bloom and need all the lovin' they can get. They look great.

Our little pullets are feathering out.

Our broiler chicks arrive tomorrow. Karl will be picking up our feed for them later today. I hope this good weather hold, because the sooner we get the broilers on grass the better.

We planted carrots, and pole beans as I said. 5 great arches of a new pole bean for us: Fortex. The carrots were a mix of many varieties in our raised and sifted carrot beds (the only way to grow carrots in our rocky soil). Every year we shovel the beds all out onto a giant tarp, mix in compost and other supplements, and shovel it all back into the beds to plant. It is an awful lot of work, but home grown carrots are amazing rewards.

So all told we have potatoes, onions, beets, carrots and beans in the garden.

The greenhouse is another story. Yesterday I planted, in little 2" potting blocks, all my cucurbits. Patty pan and crookneck summer squashes, asian long cucumbers, winter luxury pie pumpkins, and butternut squash. I would have all these things out in the ground if we had the time to get the trellises ready, but instead I have them beginning in the greenhouse until their permanent homes are prepared.

The tomatoes, tomatillos and peppers are growing well. I am not entirely sure how I feel about the potting block system. Time will tell, a few more weeks and we will be planting those tomatoes! It is hard to believe how deep we are into the spring planting season, I have to keep counting days and weeks to remind myself. We have about two more weeks of April and then it will be May. We plant tomatoes sometime around or after May 2nd.

We will have two new piglets then, too! I miss having pigs. Karl brought home the pallets we will use to make their pen. The pen from two seasons ago is a foot deeper with solid earth created by manure, added hay and leaves. That is where we will plant this year's sweet potatoes. I hope to eventually have a system of 4-6 pens we can rotate, pigs-rest-plantings-pigs-rest etc.

I need a rest rotation myself.
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