Friday, April 16, 2010

Getting Caught Up In It All

We have been so busy moving from one thing to the next that whole albums of photos are left unpublished.  So different from winter, but every season has it's purpose.

New Cornish Cross chicks

We mulched some around the strawberry beds

We are looking at tiny green berries

Astrid and Ianto

Coming up next: Pig pen 2010

We have goldfish and tadpoles in the water tank, so the kids visit a lot

Training Jocelyn the Cow to lead has been ongoing.

Karl made a bamboo trellis for our wisteria.

The seedlings in the greenhouse are happy

I spent most of today sewing. I made Rome a summer romper, Anatoly a pair of rainbow pajamas, and Kassi both a dress and pinafore. Pictures later.
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