Friday, April 23, 2010

Happy Birthday, Mantis

Over the winter, I had the fortune of finding 8 or 10 mantis egg cases in the Home Depot parking lot plantings. Naturally, I clipped the twigs they were on and brought them home.  I had intended to hatch some indoors, but decided against it after we planted beans. I thought it would be better, what with spring being here, to set the twigs out in the garden for hatching. I knew we might miss seeing the little guys, but I was wrong!

We just happened to be looking at sprouting beans when Tristan exclaimed, "What is that!?" There they were, pouring out of the cases, everywhere! I did not have my camera right there but they are still out there by the droves so I did get a photo opportunity later. Mantises have an intelligent way about them. I am so happy to have a healthy population roaming my spring garden.

We brought three of the hatchlings into the greenhouse, which has plenty of food for them. It is so fun to catch a glimpse of one when I am watering.
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