Sunday, April 11, 2010

Spring of the Allergies and New Babies

I have been absent because I am allergic this year. The pollen count has been record high, and I have been really ill. I feel I may be on the upswing. Good thing since it is now or never on the planting of carrots, more beets, various herbs, and even pole beans.

We also have two new Pyrenees cross pups! Astrid, our older female pup, is a 3/4 Pyrenees, 1/4 Anatolian cross. These two new pups, who are male, are 3/4 Pyrenees, 1/8 Anatolian, 1/8 Komondor cross. They are from the same sheep farm from which we got our much-missed Henry, though they are not blood relations.

We have named them Jack and Ianto. We were set on Ianto, and Jack is an obvious choice for his companion. Jack has a dark spot around one eye, Ianto is more snowy white. I hope they grow up strong and healthy. I have never been a dog person- in fact the opposite. But these Pyrenees dogs have won me over.

Ours are farm dogs, not pets really. They live out with the livestock. Of course the kids are loving all over these puppies, but we try to create boundaries. The dogs naturally seem to want to focus on non-human activities. They are not allowed in the yard or around the house, and they grow to be absolutely trustworthy with the chickens, cow and pigs, young chicks or calves.

Even with my nearly disabling fear of the dark, when Henry was grown I would walk blind into the field unafraid. I could hear him out there and felt safe. He was so gentle I would set baby Romneya down next to him, but so frightening to strangers that he made me feel secure. I miss Henry. Really hope Jack & Ianto channel him a little.

They kids are overjoyed. Rome is delighted with the sounds the pups make. He is the gentlest baby we have ever had at this age.

I may feel well enough today to plant more, get more done. We have been a flurry of activity until my allergies brought me down!
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