Friday, April 23, 2010

We're having cheeseburgers for dinner tonight.

Tomorrow, I am starting a two day fast which will kick off my newer and better diet. The fast is just bone broth for two days. Also as much water as I might want, small amounts of fermented vegetables to add to the broth, and the occasional cup of ginger tea with honey.

After day two I can add meat to the broth and make soups with soft vegetables. I am not going for a complete GAPS approach, so I will quickly progress back to raw dairy, sourdough breads, raw vegetables and fruits, etc. Once I am back to a quite varied diet I hope to stay off of sugar. Sugar is the main issue with my moods. We are usually not big sugar people, but over Christmas it manages to creep back into our house for baking, which leads to its over-use in a big way.

I am not entirely against sugar as food. We buy nice sugar, but it is still sugar. Sugar should be a treat in cookies or cake or to dip straw berries in- not in every single meal we eat just because we can.

I am doing the initial fast mostly to give my digestion a kick in the pants. It  is only two days, but I have never fasted before. So, wish me strength!
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