Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Health Care

Kassi had terrible ear pain throughout yesterday, and by evening it was obvious we needed to take her to the doctor. We decided to go to a walk-in clinic for speed's sake.

The nurse practitioner was very nice. She took a moment to ask what insurance we had because Kassi has a very bad case of otitis externa- simple swimmer's ear, but severe.  There are cheap drops, but she wanted Kassi to have the Cipro drops that would really knock this out. She said our insurance would cover the more expensive drops so it was fine.

Well, by the time we were served at the pharmacy, the clinic was closed and the NP gone home. The insurance company refused to give us the pricier drops. They did not require prior authorization, they were just being stingy. They did not care what the doctor said, they refused our script and refused to alter it to allow us to even have the cheaper medicine. They made us go home without medicine for my daughter who was crying from the pain of her infection.

If I weren't mother of 4 and a reasonable person, I would have gone straight to the ER for Kassi. Thousands of dollars later, don't you think the insurance company would have preferred to honor the advice and prescription of a nurse practitioner? What a world we live in.
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