Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Kassiopeia's Birthday

June 18th! She'll be 6! And despite having months to prepare, I have not made her gift.

I bought a nice Bitty Baby off ebay for her, because right now she has no baby dolls at all, and I bought a beautiful cut of lavender swiss dot lawn to make her and baby matching dresses. I have not made these dresses. I should have by now, but truth be told I have not had a moment away from Kassi all this time. Except while she sleeps- from about 10pm to 6am each night- but I tend to sleep during those hours too. Excuses, excuses.

Kassi was born 6 years ago at home, which is to say in Alameda, California, our then home. We had midwives in attendance. The story I wrote 3 days after her birth is true, but 6 years later if I were to tell you it in person it would be with a different view. Hindsight and all. My only daughter is such a joy to have in our family. She is a naturalist, a thinker, deeply emotional and wonderfully detail-oriented. She is very much like me and yet very much better than I am. She will have a beautiful life I know, because she sees beauty in everything. She always wants more, though. As a mother this can be exhausting, but it will serve her well someday as she strives to create her reality. I love you Kassiopeia Saffron Rose O'Melay!

Kassi's Birth Story
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