Sunday, June 13, 2010

Lots to do, list style


  • Cut ties for tomatoes. I tied 3/4 of them last night but ran out of ties.
  • Prune and (copper) spray the marzanos
  • Spend some quality time in the pumpkins trellising and hypodermic-injecting with BT
  • Mix BT for soaking the cucurbit rows
  • Twice-daily picking of japanese beetles to feed the garden chicks
  • A little hoeing around the new squash plantings
  • Till up and plant fall beets, chard
  • Distribute compost tea and compost blood

Non Garden
  • Prepare for butchering Thursday
  • Sew Kassi's birthday presents
  • Plan for Kassi's party, maybe this weekend?
  • Find time to keep planning our homeschool year
  • Keep attempting to move to 100% line drying
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