Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A Real Vacation!

We just returned home from Michigan where we visited family for a week. I had never been so far north. It was perfect. The weather was much cooler while back at home there were heat advisories. Our stay was very comfortable in Karl's parents' house.  The kids had a great time. I confess I didn't worry once about the garden or animals. It was restful.

We brought home many gifts, and a selection of plant divisions from my in-law's impressive garden. Impressive is not the word really. I had seen pictures.. but they did no justice to their place.  I am honored to have some divisions and already have some in the ground.

I am glad to be home, but everything is so overgrown here you would think we'd been gone a month. A week in June is a month in any other season, I suppose.  The pumpkin vines have grown 10 feet. The tomatoes are laden with green fruit, the green beans... we picked 4 buckets today. I worked some this morning and soon I need t get back out there with ties to tie tomatoes and trellis squash. Once it is all back and tidy we can busy ourselves with pruning, weeding, etc.

We have 2 weeks until 150 more Cornish X arrive. That is a whole big mess right there... becoming prepared and all.

Jocelyn was away with a small herd of Jerseys while we traveled. She seemed glad to come home and is out there eating all the month's (week's) worth of grass. Every paddock is lush right now. Her udder has gone into developmental overdrive. If I were not absolutely sure when she is due, I might freak out a little. But we are sure, sure, sure. For the first time ever! She was with a bull only once, a bull that lives miles away and no other male around anywhere.

So much to update on. More later.
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