Monday, July 19, 2010

haven't been up to much

The hardest part is finding room for 95 half pints of peach jam, 25 half pints of blackberry jam, 10 half pints of plum jam and 26 quarts of pie peaches. I am well on my way, though, and I should be, because tomorrow or the next I am canning pickled beets, and there will likely be more than 30 quarts of those on top of the 15 I canned last week.

It is hard to imagine all this work right now. There is plenty to eat fresh, who wants canned or pickled anything? Still I am the ant, not the grasshopper.

Yesterday I made just 6 quarts of beautiful hamburger style dill chips. I am really pleased with them. I have about that amount of cucumbers coming in every day, so it is a simple recipe I can make time for here and there. Pickles make nice send away gifts for visitors.

Under those tomatoes and squash is a lot of tomatillos, 15 pounds I'd say. Half a bushel. And we picked those 3 days ago. There are no doubt as many more out there. I need a good Salsa Verde recipe to try, because last year's was only okay. It was too sweet/sour, and Tristan didn't like the smoky cumin twist. Since Tristan consumes 85% of the salsa here, his vote is heavy.

Chicks, day 3. We have lost a few weak ones. We are sill waiting to see how the heat on their shipment day is affecting them. I think it is safe to say we won't need full replacement.

Dogs. I love these dogs. They are each so different from the next, yet when they are laying in the grass guarding they look so much alike. Astrid has a distinct femininity to her, and she will probably never be as large as the boys when they are all grown. Ianto and Jack luckily have one big difference: their eyes. Ianto has no characteristic Pyr black eyeshadow and Jack does. I hope this stays true because they are looking more alike each day.

Cats. They are so cute, and yet... we need to find homes asap. They are almost ready, a couple or 3 more weeks. I believe we have one male and three female tailless tabbies. The male is the hugely fat one on the left in the nursing picture above. The females are more tortiseshell, with bits of copper here and there. One of the females has a white chin and lighter face. Only one of the orange kitties will go, and she is female and entirely orange tabby. (on the left in the nursing picture). Kassi has named her Thrum. The other is male and Kassi has chosen him to replace their mother, who is lost or dead, Rose Tyler. She named him Angel. Which I find delightful because our other young tom is named Mal.

Kassi is feeding them wet food here and there, and they are interested.

There's Angel.
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