Friday, July 02, 2010

I lost my chi for a little while.

Much has happened since I have made time to write.

We took a trip to my parents house in Michigan for a week. The kids love their grandparents and had a blast. Their yard is like a botanical garden (I'm not exaggerating). One favorite was the coy pond with several huge coy, a water fall and blooming water lilies. Kassi's favorite was the fairy garden with a close second being all the exotic day lilies. The boys were intrigued by all the winding paths and sitting nooks.  Kassi is going to start a day lily business. It will take several years but my Mother is sending her starts of all her pricey exotic day lilies. We plan to encourage this most passionately. Although top soil is at a premium in the Ozarks this is something that could pay for college and afford a little spending money along the way. Kassi is perfectly suited for this. She is passionate about flowers, knowing their names and is not scared to work in her garden.

We butchered fifty chickens in three and a half hours and survived. Our friends came to help and what a huge help they were. We learned so much from them. They have been selling chickens for a few years and had some revolutionary insightful methods. Usually after butchering Tabitha and I are at each others throats, not true for this occasion. Killing animals always makes me feel raw and irritable. Matt, Rachel and family were a Godsend. Thank you.

We have already ate several chickens and find them to be the best we have ever raised. Customers arrived and picked up chickens. Most everything went off without a hitch. We are expecting one hundred and fifty birds within ten days. Tabitha has declared that we need one hundred chickens in our freezer for winter. This seems accurate since we devoured an entire chicken the other night with no leftovers. We will soon be a two chicken per meal family. We like leftovers.

It surprised me how many unnoticed little maintenance tasks we accomplish everyday. This was revealed to me after coming home and seeing our place in a shambles. The jungle garden was unbelievable, impassible and generally frightening. The yard became so overgrown that Bob had to bring his weed-eater to cut paths just take care of the animals. Tabitha's sage and one of Kassi's rose bushes became victim to the nylon whip. The dogs grew While we were gone and so did the pigs. I hardly recognized our replacement pullets.

We brought tons of plants back from my parents. Our rocky path got an entire makeover. We dug the cracks out and replaced the lime base chat with soil and planted some wonderful ground cover. I had to use the shop vacuum to get the chat out from between the rocks. It took several hours but I think most of the plants will survive and hopefully thrive.

You might be wondering why I have no photos of these exploits. Coincidentally this also explains why I have had trouble finding my writing chi. Alas, the charger to the camera battery is missing and has kept me from taking photos of any of these activities. Does anyone know the name of the saint for finding lost things? We need an intervention here.
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