Friday, July 09, 2010

Sewing Plans

I have borrowed the Elegant Lady's Closet pattern and hope to make my next dress from it. But I won't do it until I have made the stays from Regency Underthings. My first attempt at the Regency Gown was mostly successful, until I unknowingly tried to wear it without stays. I am glad to have the Closet instead of the simple Regency Gown pattern because I had to modify the Regency Gown for nursing (buttons in the front) and the Closet patterns work differently.

I have cut a pattern for my stays, but I am not sure they will fit me. I am not anything like the sizes the stays are made in. I have some idea of how to modify them but the daunting thought of it is keeping me back.

Regency Underthings PatternThe Elegant Lady's Closet Pattern1804 - 1812 Regency Gown Pattern
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