Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Soon We will have Milk

My life is disorganized. I am barely staying afloat right now, and this year has been rife with failure. But I always look at the up-side, such as how in 3 weeks or so, our cow is going to calve and I will be milking morning and night!

Ah, milk! Cream! And really, the best part is the calm routine of milking.

Jocelyn was born almost 2 years ago (Her birthday is September 13th) right here on our farm.

Newborn Jocelyn and her mother, Rori. We have looked forward to her 'coming of age' ever since.

Here she is weeks old.

Here she is 6 months old.

She is a little more than a year old here.

Here she is on her 'date' with the Bull. His name is Amigo, and he is the father of her upcoming calf.

I took these pictures of her today. She is due September 5th.

You can see the rest, including udder pictures, here:
Jocelyn almost due
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