Friday, September 03, 2010

I Still Use This Book

Keeping A Family Cow

I have owned this little book for 5 years or more. First it was a dream, then quickly a reality- our first Jersey cow. I have used it regularly since then. I just picked it up yesterday. Whether a family milk cow is a dream or already realized this is the book to rely on. It doesn't have all the answers, no book does. But the adjoining forums created by the author do. Yeah, I'd say those forums have all the answers.

I still open the book when I am wondering about something for Jocelyn, there are still so many things about TMR and feeding that I don't understand. Thanks Joann Grohman for your book and your forums. They have made our dream possible at every turn. I heartily recommend your resources to everyone who inquires, and some who don't.
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