Saturday, September 25, 2010

A regular day, now

Rome is and has always been a peaceful fellow.

Tristan has a No Book Left Unread policy.

I made 6 cups of sour cream yesterday,

This is two milkings or so.

Not pretty, but butter measured in 4 oz packages, for baking.

I made mozzarella from 4 gallons of milk. Here it is not yet finished.

Then I used the whey to make ricotta,

Here the ricotta is quite done. I ended up with 3 cups- you don't get much ricotta the old fashioned way. But it is the best you've ever tasted.

Karl bought me a shelf just for milking stuff. (As you can see, it has already been infiltrated by the sandwich tray, bulk foods, canning jars and the canner... oh, well.) Now I have a place for my clean jars, filters, cloths, lids, everything!

Too much milk!
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