Monday, October 18, 2010

Back to School

I signed up to start (online) school in the Spring. I'll be doing courses from OTC, a semi-local community college that my father happens to teach at. They claim the entire AA degree can be completed online, with of course some labs and tests taking place at the school. This is a huge experiment because I am already taxed to the limit with a small farm, a milk cow, and 4 home schooled children. But I find the idea grows on me more each day. I almost even wish I were close enough to the school to take real classes. But as it is I am more than an hour away, so I could not manage it no matter what.

Everyone wants to know what I am going to study. By the nature of the type of school, I will only be doing general ed requirements. I am aiming for the 62 hour block degree. I am not familiar enough with the courses of study to know if I will want to detour from that at some point. For example, the school also offers an RN program, which might change my choice of life sciences towards the end. I don't really want to be a nurse (although I did, once).

I do not wish to be employed outside of the home right now. There is a possibility that I will want to work sometime, and a two year degree won't hurt that. If I can make it happen. Do you think I can? Find time for online study, keep my brain from crumbling into cheese...
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