Friday, October 22, 2010

Beautiful, Quiet, October

Anatoly loves being allowed to use a knife at the table. This knife is his knife and is named "Little Knife" by Toly. We have two more of the same make, one a bread knife and the other a chef's knife. Toly says the bread knife is Mama Knife and the chef is Daddy Knife. He loves to have me play out little scenes on the knife magnets. Mommy and Daddy Knife hugging Little Knife, or Little Knife being lost on the other side of the knife magnet, scare and alone.

Butter. It is everywhere.

Rome, probably glued to Secret of Kells. He calls it Pangur ban. This is the most beautiful animated film I've ever seen.

Tristan drew Brendan running away from the serpent god and Aisling scared behind him.

Kassi drew a mermaid and Manatee.
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