Thursday, October 28, 2010

Eating Update

So... how is it going with me, with my wheat free diet and calorie restriction? It's wonderful!

I was curious if removing just wheat, while still eating raw & cultured dairy, would have the same effect as before, when I also removed dairy. Naturally, I dearly hope it would, because I am not in the mood to give up dairy. I'm happy to say it has. I feel already like a different person.

Just eliminating wheat, and my skin is already clearer. My head is clearer.  My stomach feels better. It is hard to describe the general improvement no wheat/little sweet does for me. I didn't weigh myself before and I still haven't, but I feel better in my clothes already.

Calorie Restriction is going well, too. I adopted a calorie counter on iGoogle at first, but have already stopped using it for everything. It mostly gave me a feel for how many calories are in my favorite foods.   Now I only use it if we're eating something new and I need to know how many calories. The process of counting, which to me seems somehow silly and archaic (I don't know why, but that is my impression), is helpful not just because you can meet a numeric goal, but also because it starts to correct your sense of portion size. Now that I know what a 400 calorie breakfast looks like (I have large, protein laden breakfasts) I can make any number of them without having to count. Scrambled eggs and cheese with a glass of milk, fruit salad with whipped cream and nuts, poached eggs over breakfast potatoes with catsup.

Yesterday I made cocoa and had a cup. It was 1/2 gallon of raw skim milk, 1 cup of raw honey, 1/2 cocoa, vanilla, salt. I whipped heavy cream for the top.

I am excited to report success so far, even though it has only been days. The only thing I am struggling with is the nasty liquid cod liver oil. When I buy it again, it will be encapsulated.
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