Saturday, October 30, 2010

Not Very Glamorous

I am not enjoying the preparation to re-enter school. Yesterday, for no particular reason, I was informed it was required that I request transcripts from every school I have ever attended. I find this hard to believe, which is why I had not already done it. First, this is a community/tech school and I am taking online courses. Second, I do not want to transfer any credit. Finally, I really have no credits to speak of. In at least one instance I moved during my first semester- out of state. One college semester elsewhere I have only vague memories of (don't ask). Now there is one from which I know I could transfer a few credit hours, but they come attached to at least one W. That's okay. Like I said, this is a community college, not Ivy League. They say, send in an application for approval but they approve everyone. This is a school with more than 3 remedial reading sections.

The main reason I did not request any transcripts right away was that I don't care. So I get credit for Biology 2 or something. It is not as if I don't need to take it again before I can move on- that was 9 years ago! I am not jumping into Microbiology or A & P without a refresher of basic life science.

Or maybe I should. With Khan Academy who needs refreshers? (Thanks, Danielle!) Khan is amazing. I have spend a few hours daily on it in preparation for my Compass exam. I am relearning things I used to know, with a generous helping of things no one ever taught me. I am mainly focusing on math for the test.

So I am reading about AA degrees, which a person can get entirely online these days. Still, anything beyond that through this school is pretty pathetic. In all honesty, not just my opinion. You read enough about nursing degrees, for example, and you find out that ASN RNs are having a harder and harder time getting jobs. The AACN and ANA have pretty much declared the BSN to be the bare minimum for real RNs. For me, that would mean stopping my online education at the transfer block stage and entering the 4 year (3 at that point, likely) BSN program at MSU. And let's be realistic- in two years I will not be in a position to start a full time, away from home, college marathon. Karl must work, going to college does not pay the bills. And the kids are at home and being home schooled by someone, right?

It is enough to make me want to give up. But I am not. Not yet.

I filled out the papers and sent off the transcript requests. I keep studying Algebra and Geometry. Just because the future is bleak does not mean I shouldn't do what I can from home. Who knows what options will open in 2 years.

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