Monday, October 18, 2010

Now we are 4

Anatoly. Perfect birth, beautiful boy. How can he be 4?

Anatoly's birth Story (Unassisted Home Birth)

I am trying to think of words for the wild ride of Anatoly's first 4 years of life. They aren't coming easily.

His being 4 is interesting to turn over in my mind. In so many ways he is big. In so many ways he is different. I remember clearly when he was 2, wondering what 4 would be. I am not sure if this is what I thought or not. Time has stretched out and bunched up like a slinky with Toly.

For the record, Anatoly has always been a mystery. We don't have labels or words for him so he is hard to describe to people who don't just know him. He is unbelievably smart. I love him so much and with a special love reserved for those we have survived great trials with.

Green loves Toly. Everything green is his, or should be.

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