Saturday, November 13, 2010

I have never had a Garage Sale

Today a friend of mine came over and tore through years of crap to help me prepare for a garage sale. She is a mature homeschool mom- her kids are all just out of the nest. She is also a garage sale Mastermind. While inspiring, it is really hard to let someone else look at all the ridiculous crap in my home. I found myself making excuses constantly... Oh that, well that's just... I meant to do something with that, you know how it is... Well I had a plan for that 3 years ago I think.

And we have not even touched the fabric and yarn.

I also wanted to steal things and squirrel them away. Books that I never look at. Things I will never recall long enough to miss. Hold on tightly, let go

 l i g h t l y.

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