Tuesday, November 09, 2010


Wheat free is good. I feel pretty relaxed this time, not so wistful for my old friend Wheat. My appetite is waning, it seems. Last night was an exception. I made breakfast for dinner in the form of country potatoes, poached eggs and homegrown bacon. Otherwise I am eating a lot of yogurt, hummus, and nuts.

I don't write about the farm anymore. Not really. I think about writing of it but I have nothing to say. I milk the cow twice a day, I love the hens roaming the hills, and the leaves falling. It is nice not to have the meat birds and pigs, it is nice for the garden to be dead. A dead garden is a fact of life. I remember our first dead garden.

A view from fall 2006

I caught a very unique sight the other day. A mulberry tree that stands some 35 feet tall in a field here lost all its leaves at once. It was a rare still-green tree, apparently betting on a long warm fall. In the night we had a hard frost. I was standing after milking and I watched as the sun hit it. Every leaf let loose and fell, with no wind.
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