Thursday, December 23, 2010

8 days until we settle. It's a really big deal. The suspended animation of our move is wearing us all to pieces.  Until we are there,  we can't bring ourselves to buy things we'll only have to pack.  That means we don't have enough dishes for normal household function, or chairs or beds. As soon as we arrive–the very day, I say– bunk beds all around! Well, not for me and Karl, but you get the idea.

I am poised to start hunting freecycle (I joined the local list the first day, but there is not much point responding when you can't take things for weeks) and craigslist. The bunks will come new from Ikea, but we also need a desk, and chairs, and things like that. The apartment is huge and our humble furniture will not suffice.  Karl wants a double papasan chair.
 Premium Double Papasan Cushion Fabric: Solid Twill - Black
We'll have to find one locally.

When we first arrived we bought a kitchen table and wooden folding chairs. I can say we have loved having a place to sit and draw or eat. But Tristan doesn't like sitting at the table to read and I have seen his reading slack to nothing since the move. We really need to give him a comfy place to read- a bunk bed will do.

We are not sure how to use the space of the new apartment. When we arrive I will take many pictures and share them so you can see what I mean. So many choices! We have felt a draw to several arrangements but we're not sure how they will work in practice.

For example, giving the big kids their own room, apart from the littles. This has a certain appeal. The big kids could keep items and toys safe from little hands, and have a place to go to escape the madness. The door could lock and the big kids could choose to let littles in to play during the day.

Another example: Giving Kassi her own room. There is a certain pressure to divide by sex. (I am not sure where this comes from, but it is there) It feels distinctly unfair since Kassi is but one and the rest are boys. But Kassi does have different sensibilities and would enjoy a space that wasn't in constant squalor. I am not sure we will do this, though, because Kassi won't want to sleep alone. She wants a bunk bed to share with Tristan.

Like I said, lots of choices.

The day we arrive I am making chicken soup in my kitchen, and baking bread, and brownies and... well maybe not that first day.
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