Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Boxes again!

The house must fill up with boxes, and everything go. At least we're not also having a huge sale and getting rid of everything. This should go smoothly enough.

Yesterday were were visiting our good friends (on the same street as our new place) and the kids rode scooters around the block, then back and forth on the sidewalk. What a difference there from here!

I daydream (that is a blog all its own) that we will focus this winter on settling in... leaving only to go to the markets and parks and library. Which reminds me, Toly said "I-in the Li-library, there are are are one hundred books!" The Library was nearly the first of its kind our kids had seen.

I found these books secondhand:

One Hundred Graces World Made by Hand: A Novel The Crusades: A History

I am not buying much of anything because we'll only have to move it. Once we do move, though, it will be plates enough to all eat at once! Imagine that!
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