Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Learning Curve

Since we've been here, my strategy has been to immerse the kids as quickly as possible.  There is so much to learn, so much they must learn just to walk down the street. Writing that, it sounds impossible. How much could there really be? After all, Tristan and Kassi were born here, and we had no terrible time walking down the street with them.

Well it is different now. Now there are four. All four are used to virtually wallowing their way across the field, arms outstretched, skipping and hopping and being wild. None of them understand the danger of city streets.

By bringing them out in it every day, I am trying to speed their learning. So we walk, every day, hand in hand down the street. Across the streets, in and out of buses, into stores. And I am exhausted.

photo by Anatoly
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