Friday, December 03, 2010

Seems like only yesterday

I was milking a cow, harvesting honey, looking for places to store more canning. We were about to get a new round of pigs, and one of them was a gilt we intended to raise for farrowing. Jocelyn was almost ready to breed back, 4.5 gallons a day and cheesemaking were the highlights of my days. Still, there were so many things I was not talking about.

Over the summer I stopped talking about our future on the farm. I was not aware of the shift as it happened, just now that I look back. That is not why we moved, but I think it is part of why we were ever able to consider moving. Does that make sense? 8 months ago I would have dismissed the idea of leaving our farm easily. I intended to grow old and die there. So many projects completed, in progress, in dreamland. How can you walk away from it?

When "the move" unfolded, we had hard choices to make. It was obvious they needed to be made rapidly. So they were. I haven't shed a tear over them, not yet. Everything I loved went to people I love, so I am not staying up nights worrying about Jocelyn or anything else. And everything on this side of the continent has gone so well so far that it seems our path was paved for us.

While everything was shifting, I wanted to write about it. I just couldn't. I hope to be able to soon.

So here we are, in California. We have a nice apartment that is larger than our house was. I am not sure what the future hold for the kids' schooling, but I am researching all our options. I will be starting online school soon enough. Karl had his first day of work yesterday, and I turned 30. Oh and hey, I found the camera.
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