Monday, February 28, 2011

It Begins!

I have finished my first piece of garb today. It is a small wool tunic for Rome.

Isn't he cute? This was my first try and while it is machine sewn, it is made from a period-correct schematic. I have too many children and not enough time to hand sew. Why the hurry? Because were attending our very first SCA event, March Crown. As the name implies it is coming up soon.

Next is Toly's, and Kassi's and Tristan's. We have fabric for us all in green, but this remnant of red wool was a practice run that turned out very nicely.

For our first event we'll all be dressed in the ubiquitous Tunics, and if I have time hoods like these:

Also if I have time, we will have more than one tunic each. But time is limited, because we'll be camping 2 nights and I need to prepare for that as well. 

Tristan and I start archery lessons next Sunday, also through the SCA. So much going on!

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