Thursday, February 17, 2011


So... I am totally not kidding when I say I have been working out. If you have known me for any percentage of my life you will be shocked. I am not a worker-outer. But I am- working out at home, with weights and all! I have really only just begun (and had some setbacks with being sick) but I am already seeing huge changes in my body and spirit.

I have not weighed in, or measured myself, or anything like that. I mildly wish I had beforehand but it is quite typical of me not to have so I have accepted it. The workout I am using is:

Jillian Michaels - 30 Day Shred

I feel like I am finally strong enough to consider altering my diet along with the workout. I can do 22 pushups in each set, for a total of 44 in one setting. My first day of the workout, I barely did 10 total. Initially I didn't want to diet while suffering the pain of sore muscles. And I am still not into dieting- not in the most foodalicious part of the USA and with my baking abilities. I have made little changes including giving up coffee about two weeks ago.

I am drinking black tea. A lot of dietary changes have happened as a result of our move. We eat less meat, more fruits and vegetables, and a greater variety. We just signed up with the CSA we used to use way back when. Along with the year-round farmers' market, there is always organic food in season and local here.

Having bicycles and living in Alameda makes a difference as well. We ride our bikes almost every day. We can ride to the farmers' market, to homeschool park day, to the library, to Trader Joe's, to the beach. As the weather becomes more stable with spring that will only open up the possibilities- yesterday we were caught in a hail storm on our bikes!

Here are some pictures of last Saturday's bike outing. We rode to the market and on our way home, we visited a fire station and the kids got to climb into the engine. Classic stuff, everyone enjoyed, but Toly was overjoyed.

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