Monday, May 09, 2011

Kassi is turning 7

Naturally, Kassi is thinking about her 7th birthday a lot. It is June 18th. The things she shares about her birthday are too precious to even repeat sometimes. She is really thinking about other people more as she matures, and the first line of business was who to invite and how to make the party fun for them.

For now I think the party will be at a nearby park, although we may also do it here at our house.  Kassi would like for me to make birthday hats for everyone, and a crown for her as the birthday girl. (I guess I should get on that...) She has also dictated her wish list to Tristan, who dutifully wrote down each item.

  • A unicorn clock
  • A ballerina skirt
  • A unicorn costume
  • A kitten (here she has requested a boy)
  • A new dress (she wants me to make her a new dress. white, or blue, with a flowery pinafore)
  • A hair and makeup kit
I think we can make most of that happen (not the kitten). Additionally, we have some ideas of our own for gifts...

  • A constellation/ star projector for her room at night. Finding a quality version is proving difficult. 
  • A charger, etc for her iPod (it was given to her but no charger or dock)

  • Apple iPod nano 8 GB Pink (5th Generation) OLD MODELIt is this exact model.
  • music for said iPod.
  • Art supplies are always in high demand.
  • Sewing stuff. Embroidery is her newest thing. Maybe her own sewing basket with all the fixings. 
Smartek RX-12 Sewing Basket With Accessories Doodle Stitching: Fresh & Fun Embroidery for Beginners Design Originals-Oodles Of DoodlesDesigner Doodles: Over 100 Designs to Complete and CreateDoodle Dolls: Over 300 Outfits to Design and Decorate Watercolor Art Set Includes 35 Complete Painting Essentials In A Convenient Wood Carrying CaseMoleskine Watercolor Notebook LargeOlivia Owl's Sticker Book: A Maurice Pledger Sticker Book with over 150 Reversible Stickers!Billy Bunny's Sticker BookOcean World! (Maurice Pledger Sticker Book)All Kinds of Creatures!: A Maurice Pledger Sticker Book with over 200 Colorful Stickers

More to come.
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