Monday, October 22, 2012

Friday Night Magic

Last night I pretended I like new situations and people and went to Friday Night Magic. I learned to play a week or two ago but had only ever played with my ten year old son. Several people had assured me a booster draft would be an instructive experience. Friday Night Magic is a booster draft for adults, running at our local shop from about 7pm until very late indeed. I left before the majority, so I am unsure how late the event ran.

There was a very nice mix of people at the event. The store owner is a pleasantly quirky father of three who projects genuine acceptance to everyone in the room. (This is a mystery to me. I really need to know how he tolerates some aspects of these people.) There were some teens including one female, a father-son pair, many boys in their twenties, a couple of older men, and two men with thick accents. One of these men was a frenchman who played for money, the other I did not have a chance to talk to.

I was soundly beaten at every match, so there can be no gloating here. My cards were good. I know this because the shop owner helped me choose every single one of them. I just don't know how to use them. Oh, well.

I like the game, I like the cards. I am not sure I can know all those other people. I am now more aware that I surround myself with likable folk for a reason. Perhaps my skin has grown soft with such an abundance of friendship around me, but it was exhausting to be around so many... well, here I am labeling people. Let's just say I was left shellshocked from the overhearance of their conversations. Belligerence, ignorance, youth.

Several of the people I spoke to were genuinely interesting, all were kind to the 31 year old mother of four slowing down their event. I shouldn't be so hard on them. I will be back, because I enjoy the game. I will never be so serious about the game as many were last night. It's fun. It is ever-changing, a good thing for me as I quickly tire of games which have limits.

Karl was home with the kids. I am not sure he understands why I like the game. This morning he gave me trouble for spending a Friday out with a troupe of geeky men. I reassured him with this number, just think "Magic" instead of "Dancing."

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