Monday, October 15, 2012

Playing Magic with Tristan

Tristan taught me to play Magic: The Gathering. I am already growing accustomed to the laughter this announcement receives when it is made to other adults. Well, adults who don't play.

I truly enjoy playing. Tristan gave me the first lesson but it was another boy at the game store who really explained things to me so I could understand. Turns out, the kids at the store are very cool, and not one flinched when a 10 year old's mama showed up as a newb. I got a few a 'man, I-wish-my-mom-would-learns', but everyone was enthusiastic and excited to share their game. This is a sign of a good game.

I learned by tagging along with Tristan to Date Night Magic, an event that is usually drop-off. I twisted the name of the event and came as Tristan's date. Days later, Tristan and I had done little else but play Magic. The cards which had been annoying piles of nuisance in my house for a year suddenly became interesting to me. Now instead of throwing decks of them into his room with disgust, I read each one to see what it could do.

The game store owner had me join the Magic League. This is, apparently, a good way to learn how to build a deck and practice playing against others. I am nervous as can be walking into the place. Everyone there seems to know what to do, but my awkwardness knows no bounds. In contrast my son glides around unafraid, asking just about anyone to play him, or leaning in to ask a question about someone else's game.

The most remarkable thing to me about this past week–for it has only been a week–is the comfort Tristan has with my learning. It has become apparent that Tristan cannot be embarrassed. He is such a genuine, solid human being. I admire him greatly. I am so thankful for him in my life. He has so much more than Magic to teach me.

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