Thursday, June 20, 2013

Big News

So you know how in Minecraft NPC villagers spawn based upon the number of available doors? Well, for the past 4 years my husband has been like a villager with just the right number of doors. There have been no hearts floating above his head, iykwim. 

Villager Karl

At first I was resigned to this but soon I wanted another baby. My hearts were everywhere but his were not. 

Where's the romance? 

It was very sad. But I tried to be patient. I tried to try to be patient. 

Then we bought this house and started renovating it. One of the first things the kids noticed about this house (compared to our apartment) was how many doors it had. There was a door on every single doorway. We had to remove doors, even, to make it more reasonable to get through the house. They are lovely doors. So lovely that they must have inspired some villager-type response in Karl. 

Check out the doors on this place!

So, soon I expect we'll have a new little villager to run about the place. 

We are complete!

I texted this picture to Karl this morning, I think it is pretty obvious at this point:

We're so excited to be expecting a new little O'Melay! Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers. 

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