Sunday, June 23, 2013

I am just in from tying tomatoes and having spied our very first female flowers on the cucumber vines! This is very exciting news. It means that we'll have cucumbers in a week.

Cucumbers are cheap here. Our city has such a high demand for organic produce that the prices are amazing. Still, homegrown is better no matter what the price. Fresh cucumbers!

Toly's Godfather gave him both a watermelon and a cantaloupe plant. We don't really have room out here but we put them in anyway. Toly is so excited! We needed a place to trellis them, so we built one of bamboo.

There are a few little olives on our baby olive tree.

I think we might be working on the house a little bit. Karl put a door in for my sewing room, a real locking door! Today, he started flooring one of the storage areas in the eaves upstairs. 

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