Wednesday, June 19, 2013

This is us.

The best thing about keeping a journal is looking back on it. They say that. Hey, I say that. But it is not always true. Sometimes that's the worst thing. Looking back is not always good for me, so I have put it all neatly away for safe keeping. It isn't gone, just out of sight.

I have kept a blog since I was 22. That was 2002, and now it is 2013. Sometimes this blog was public and sometimes it was private. Sometimes a select few could read. Most of those years are private now. Time softens things, but it can also distort them beyond recognition. I am happy to have so many memories stowed away.

This blog is public right now.

I recognize my opening blather is not really an introduction. Here goes: I'm Tabitha, and I live in the Bay Area with my husband Karl and our four children. We own a house that we are trying to fix up. I am a gardener, so we are building a garden here in the city. We home school our children, are environmentalists, and generally mean no harm to anyone.

As much as I am drawn to blogs with one specific topic, I regret that this will not be one of them. I may write about the garden, or I may write about the kids. I like to embed videos of my favorite songs. I might go on and on about a new pair of shoes or my favorite recipe. At the moment I am obsessed with growing our food in the city. Just trying to be honest here.

Well, here goes. Read if you will, comment if you wish.

Baby basil, baby blog. 

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