Saturday, July 13, 2013

Anatoly Hospitalized part 1

I have a good reason for not updating here. I'm in the hospital with my six year old son, Anatoly.

Toly started to experience symptoms on Sunday, June 30th. He had a fine day but in the evening he suddenly complained of arm pain. He was sitting in our papasan chair when I walked over to look at his arm. I touched him and he was burning up.

"Oh honey, I bet your whole body hurts!" I said as I kissed his forehead and mentally located the children's Tylenol.

And so it began. That evening, he cried in pain in between Tylenol doses. The next morning, the pain was worse. The fever was over 103*. Ibuprofen helped some with the pain which was still decidedly his arm. Of course, by this time I had investigated his arm thoroughly. No cuts, scratches, bruises. Nothing. Yet he hardly let me move it. The pain extended from his shoulder to his elbow and at times was so bad that he screeched without stopping for a hour.

Monday night was terrible, so Tuesday found us calling our doctor. I explained all of the above and immediately took his advice to get to the Children's Hospital. My mind was full of fears- what if he broke it and we've made him suffer for days untreated? Why did he have this fever? What was going on?

The emergency room saw to us right away. Toly was really hurting so they gave him something for the pain. They took us to x-ray the area. When the osteo doctor came in to discuss the results, he didn't know what could be causing the pain. There wasn't a fracture. Earlier, they had taken some blood cultures and samples. The only thing that looked off were his inflammation markers. Those were high.

They sent us home with nothing but a suggestion to give Motrin around the clock. I'll admit I was happy to leave but when we got home and the pain medication wore off we were right back where we started. High fever and screaming pain All. Night. Long.

Then Wednesday, then Thursday-which-was-the-fourth-of-July. Thursday night the fever touched 105*. We knew we needed more answers. Friday morning I called the hospital and asked to speak to the doctors about Toly's case. Had the blood cultures come back? Was there any information abut what could be happening? They let me speak to the ER doctor and explained all of the above. She looked at his bloodwork and asked some questions. Toly was screaming in the background.

"Is that him?," she asked. "Does he sound like this all of the time?"

I explained the pain he was in hoping to be heard this time.

"You have to bring him back right now. This looks like a bone infection to me. Call an ambulance if you have to, but bring him in."

So I did.

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