Saturday, July 13, 2013

Anatoly Hospitalized part 2

Finding time to type has been hard. If you read my last entry, you know that I left off when we brought Toly back into the the ER.

The doctor I spoke to on the phone was waiting for us when we arrived. There was no need for an ambulance, we live about a mile from the Children's Hospital. Toly was in triage in a blink of an eye, and because the doc had heard his screaming over the phone she also had Fentanyl waiting for him. They administered this with a nasal aspirator and it worked instantaneously. Thank goodness for pain relief after days of horrible suffering.

Let me see if I can remember all of the events of that day. The doctor came in and reassured me that we were not leaving until they figured this out. That sounded really good to me. They started an IV, took blood, and all of that.  They very quickly got us an MRI appointment which would require general anesthesia. Luckily, Toly hadn't eaten all day.

Anesthesia was traumatic both for Toly and for me. They used a mask with gas at first, and because it was novel to Toly it seemed that it would go well. It didn't. Once he smelled the gas he fought the mask, screaming and kicking and begging for them to stop. They couldn't- so they held the mask tight over his face while I held him down. Then, in mid-protest, Toly fell asleep. The experience left me shaky and raw. I went out to wait for results.

The MRI took over an hour, after which the results were delivered quickly.  Before they said anything my brain was awash with conflicting desires: part of me wanted them to find nothing and the rest of me wanted the search for answers to end here. When they told me what they found, I was so relieved. Not because it was simple, but because they knew what was wrong. At last!


Toly had an infection in the bone and bone marrow of his right humerus and part of his right radius.
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