Sunday, July 21, 2013

Anatoly Hospitalized part 6

We have been home since last Monday evening. Our life here at home is like the empty space left after an avalanche. I guess it is still time for healing.

Karl combs knots from Toly's sickbed hair.
The rest of our hospital story is about money. We had hope that we could get home with friends gathering together to raise money for home infusion. The weekend lay ahead with the doctors assuring us we might get out early next week. The weekend was easier on me than it might have been because Karl took my place at the hospital during the night shift. I slept in my own bed with the kids all curled around me, safe.

Well-deserved rest.

There were things they were looking for: inflammation improvement, physical therapy, appetite. All of those things came about by Monday.

Almost a smile.
Changing the PICC dressing before we go.

Monday proved to be both the worst day of all and the last. I was up early, ready to get the discharge papers rolling. This was not my first hospital stay and I know that if you don't push, they will take their sweet time. I was walking the halls asking everyone on our case about the discharge. Was everything in order? Where was the case manager?

I must have gotten someone's attention because finally, they all came into the room. There was a problem. Crescent-Walgreens, the home health company that had indeed already taken a deposit from our good friends, was refusing to serve us. They said that they had heard we might qualify for CCS (California Children's Services) eventually, and claimed they don't serve program-eligible families. Never mind that they had already taken our money or that we didn't qualify for CCS yet or that CCS wouldn't cover home health in Toly's case even if we qualified. They were backing out on the very day we needed them, and they also let us know that no other company would take us.

This just couldn't be. I cried at first, I was a mess. We had to, had to, had to get out. It had been so hard to accept the help with the costs. Why did they take the money if they were just going to abandon us? I was so angry. So I fought it.

It took all day, but I won. I just knew they couldn't deny us based on a program we weren't even using. I guess they were shy of taking money from people who have none, but this wasn't really our money. It was from angels. That's what Dr. Vlasses called them. And when we got our discharge, he was pleased as punch.

I packed all of the cards and pictures and gifts. Toly was anxious to go home.

We waited for hours for the discharge papers, then I called a cab and we were off.

Waiting for the cab, first time in the sun in 11 days.

At home, a caregiver was changing shifts with Karl. We pulled up just in time to see her off and surprise everyone. We were home!!!

 Yeah, home. And people still getting the word and helping us with money for the future weeks of medicines and nurses. People bringing us meals, visiting just to help clean the house. Humans are good. Our friends are so good to us, we hardly deserve them.

Being home has been hard. The medicines and the schedule, the worry. Toly has aches here and there, I worry.

And I am sick, too, so sick I spend my whole days in bed. This is normal for me in early pregnancy and I expect another month of it at least. The help that is pouring in from friends would be wonderful if we were just decompressing from the hospital and giving home infusion, but it is so needed since I am incapacitated. What a humbling month of July. I am feeling grounded, now, at last. We will make it through this to happier (and healthier) times. I'll stop worrying so much about Toly someday. It's just...he was so strong and this happened so quickly. I am so grateful they caught it and are curing it.

Thank you for following along. I'll try to update here. Wednesday we see the infectious disease group again and will have new information about Toly's improvement.
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