Monday, July 01, 2013

Big Kids off to Camp, Feeling Pregnant

Our two biggest are off for a week at a sleep-away camp. This is their second year. I miss them so much. I wish them all the fun and summery goodness that a week of camp has to offer.

I'm home today with just my two littles. They are quiet and easy without the older two. We have cleaned and watched Toy Story. They played outside. I bathed Toly and clipped his nails and scrubbed his feet. Rome would have none of the bathing, but he did allow me to wash his Buzz Lightyear costume.

We made a couple of potholders with the potholder loom. That was interesting.

I sorted my hand needle collection. As boring as that sounds, I was searching for ball point needles and I found them. I have now assembled everything I need to begin making Tristan a Waldorf doll.  I know, he's turning 11, but he wants one. It is my intention to make a fencing kit for it complete with face mask and foil, although realistically those items may have to wait.

I'm feeling the early pregnancy symptoms in a very real way, but it is not keeping me from eating well. Sleep is off, and everything stinks.
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