Saturday, August 24, 2013

I'm so sorry

I have not been able to update here.

I have been so, so sick with hyperemesis. I am on medication but i have literally spent the past month in my bed, while our house and family life fell apart around me. I have not even been upright long enough to sit down here at the desk and type.

I am so appreciative of the awesome people in my life who took time to bring us food, take the kids to the park and even clean my house.

But I am sure you want news of Toly. Well, it's good news!

Everyone who prayed or wrote or donated, thank you! We managed to afford the costs of his care and medicine, and even recover from the financial impact of his hospital stay. It's amazing how he has healed. The Infectious Disease doctor was blown away!

Toly stopped taking antibiotics last week and is on a powerful probiotic regimen. We're in a scary waiting period, hoping and praying that Toly will not develop a new infection. We're not quite out of the woods, but we can see the edge!

Thank you, thank you, thank you many times over for your concern and help during this very difficult situation.
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