Monday, September 16, 2013

I'm feeling better every day. I keep saying that.

The truth is, the evenings are still pretty rotten. I don't want them to be, but once 4:00pm rolls around I'm pretty much useless. I'm trying to hold onto the wonderful gratitude I feel that I am not so sick anymore.

13 weeks pregnant with my 5th. This was 3 weeks ago. 
With subsequent pregnancies I took pictures every week. This time, not so much. I have one. The homeschool year has begun and I am trying to get everyone back into a semblance of routine. With all the illness this summer they are quite used to playing Minecraft and watching Netflix all day. It has been a rough withdrawal.

New bike helmet and cute kids. 
We've been out on bikes a lot, and to the park for park days. I really am feeling better. Still, I wait for that second trimester burst of energy I remember. Maybe it doesn't come in 5th and greater pregnancies?

Anatoly is doing so well. His probiotic regimen has really helped and he has gained most of the weight he lost back. His scar is healed and he is in no pain. Only time will show growth restrictions. I am so happy he is well.
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